Almost done with my probation period.

Okay so working life is I won't say it is good but yeah, bearable. Thank God the traffic to the office in the morning is great so I can leave the house 30 minutes before. Compared to my internship days... Need to leave an hour and a half and take the bus and all. This is one of the good things I'm blessed with. This is my third month in this company. I don't know if I have reach my KPI for my probation or not. Everyone please pray for me ya. Please pray my boss will give me confirmation anytime soon and raise my salary! Woohoo! Hehe.

Anyway, working as an Operation Executive cum Wedding Planner has been nothing but fun (read: headache/heartache). Hahaha! Dealing with not one, but uncountable numbers of bridezilla... You need to have 200% level of patience. Trust me. But heyyy, what a coincidence! It really suits me cause I can be patient tho. I really do. So far well there are some cases that I've failed to entertain but alhamdulillah for others. I still have so many to learn, so many to face, so many to improve but as long as my heart wanted to, nothing can stop me.

I feel like doing a vlog about my experiences since my YouTube channel has only filled with videos during my highschool years lol but then no thanks. Nanti boss aku jumpa video tu tak memasal hahahaha so yeah, decided not to do that. That's why I'm hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

By the way, can you guys believe that we are in the end of two thousand seventeen???? Like how crazy the time flies! I'm turning twenty-awesome next month what the neraka!!!! I miss everything about study life. Dari sekolah ke matriks ke universiti. Semua aku rindu. Kena kerja sekarang ni macam hmmm grown up nya.

Stay tuned to my next post of my new year resolution, yayy!

1 Month of Real Working Life!

Yes. Today mark as an official one month of me working in this company. First two weeks has been amazing. Rainbows and flowers spirit every time go to work. I love it in here. My colleague are all fun people. Fun and always motivates me to become someone better. Then the feeling started to drift.... My workload is messy and one day I just crack. And to be honest, I still do right now. I don't want to be such a baby so yeah, currently pushing myself to do my best :)

Other than that, it also marks as one month of being in a long-distance relationship. How to say, sometimes I do feel lonely. Most of time is because I was too stress at work and I needed him by my side but he's not there. I miss him a lot, no words can describe. I just hope that the time flies very fast so that I can see him again.

I don't know why do I feel so down lately. One second people got ask me if I'm doing okay, or am I okay, I can straightly burst into tears already. Why la am I like this. This is so weird. I were never like this before.

I believe that time will heal the pain so that's what I'm wishing for right now. But really, I can feel that I'm becoming someone else. My head keeps telling me that it is part of growing up. Finding your true self. So I'm giving myself some time. I deserves it.

Trust me, I'm losing my momentum.

To balance work at the office and doing thesis at the same time, I tell ya, it's not that easy. Not for me. I have to fight with satan inside of me and keep telling myself to do my thesis very frequent nowadays. SETAN PEMALAS.

Dia jadi lagi malas bila asyik kena reject so kau dah malas nak hadap mengharapkan dia siap dengan sendirinya wtf.

Counting days to finish my intern. Lepastu boleh jadi zombie kat rumah sambung hadap thesis sampai muntah. Tak sedar diri viva tinggal lagi sebulan.

Doakan aku dapat grad on time gais.