The last 3 months.

It's not my last 3 months to live, but the last 3 months to finish my 5th semester here in Malacca. A part of me wanting to leave this place asap, a part of me wanting to stay like this forever. I even procrastinate to find a place to do my internship. I am just not in the mood for all that yet. I don't even want to think about it yet. Everything happened too fast. 

Realizing that we are going to Beijing next month. Dulu excited dari sem 1 nak pergi trip masa part 5. Pejam celik pejam celik, dah nak pergi dah. Kejap je, zaman belajar nak habis. Sikit je lagi. Kurang dari setahun. Kalau Allah izinkan.

So untuk 3 bulan terakhir ni I want to live my life to the fullest. I don't want to sit at home doing nothing and watch HIMYM marathon for a hundred times or I will regret it. I want to grab as many chances and opportunity that I can. I hate the feeling for not be able to create memories as I was in my first year. I've become someone who is so boring recently. Which I know I wasn't like that.

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